A new Conceptual Guide to buying Wooden Sofa Set Designs for Small Living Room 12 OCT 2019

The 21st century is the time of small items, small families and small living homes so the need for  Wooden Sofa Set Designs is also relatively good.  Because as the living concept changing, people moving from villas to small flats. Single Story building turning to rokects as the cost of the land is becoming higher and higher rapidly. So people are looking for small homes between multi-stories and the space in these flats is limited.

Why it needed?

Everyone in these towers has slightly limited space and so the concept of the furniture items and example is Wooden Sofa Set Designs is also changing in recent days. Here we are listing the tips in reason, concept, merits, demerits, size, wood, color, stuff, design and many other things. Conceptually you have a lot of options in this range particularly to buy wooden furniture for your small living room.

Wooden sofa Set Design

These tips will give you an amazing idea to select a wooden sofa set and designs for a small living room, multi-stories buildings, towers, and flats.  In this article, I am looking to give you the best advice about your Sofa Set requirements.  This article will clear your Concept to purchase the best furniture items for your home. These following points are very important in Sofa Set purchasing.

Planning of Purchase a Wooden Sofa Set Designs.

Because in India and other countries too, most of the middle-class population now looking Sofa set design very compact. As they are having small carpet areas at home and flats. They don’t have much space in their homes and flats. Small flats and homeowners always looking at the furniture designs in the latest designers for small format.  What is the Sofa set made off whether you are looking for a Wooden sofa set Designs, a steel sofa set, an aluminum sofa set design, what color and paint design would be?

Wooden sofa Set Design

There is a sofa set design that is most in-demand is either 5 seated or lesser.  90% of customers ask 5 Seater Wooden Sofa Set is a standard design, size, and prices. It means people have limited spaces in their house and they are looking at smart family standards.

This shows their planning of purchase is not standards and unique.  Better is writing a note on every point you are looking for. E.g. the size of your living room, the dimensions of the sofa set you are expected and the color scheme you are looking for feeling better.

Requirement analysis of wooden designer sofa set Designs.

 Example 1

Wooden sofa Set Design

E.G., Mr. Sharma, have a family of 4 members( Mr. and Mrs. Sharma and Two kids) live in 50 stories building on 42nd floor s. the carpet are is 550 SQR foot. There are 2-bed rooms, a kitchen, dining room, and living room.


They are looking for a wooden sofa set designs of 4 chairs which can:

  1. Suite to their 42nd floor so that no extra charge and reconstruction or change in the flat.
  2. Have 4 chairs for their family and living room conceptually match and fulfill their requirement of the living room.
  3. The Designs of the Sofa Set is lucrative and modern match the design of the flat and don’t bother the living room and family members.
  4. Sharma working in a Pvt. Company and have a budget. They are looking for a sofa set in the price range or 10000 INR to 20000 INR which is affordable.
  5. Sharma Looking at the Sofa Set Designs is his price range in the Teakwood or Sheesham Wood or Sangwan wood.
  6. They are looking at the Sofa Set in the color which matches the design and concept of their bedroom and dining room furniture.
  7. This family looking to buy online from a big store and they are looking for delivery at their doorstep.

It is very clear from the above all points that Sharma Family has done s requirement analysis to search their Wooden Sofa Set with Images and prices.

They know what they are looking for. Now they are looking to contact a company supplying Sofa Set in their Prices range.

Wooden sofa Set Design

Finding a Market of wooden sofa set Designs or Source Option For your choice designer sofa set

Because in recent years both online and offline are the ways of purchasing the home appliances and furniture items too. A designer sofa set made of wood is a costlier item for a middle-class family. This is the reason you have to select the right furniture items. For you and your family as you are buying it for a long time. Every city where you are living right now might be having a good furniture market for sofa sets and other home furniture items.

Get it better

If you are searching for a sofa set designs in your local furniture market, you have to collect as much information as possible before searching. Information means How much the distance between the market and your home.  Because you cannot carry a sofa set in carrying bag and this does not have wheels so better it you have discuss it about the delivery of the sofa set to the company.

How long it will take?

How long it will take to go market and how much time needs to deliver the sofa set. Because of the sofa set is a proper format. What is wood they have used in the base and above the framing of the structure?  Do there is any parking facility available in is furniture market if you go with your own vehicle. Do they have any delivery facility or not. Will they customize the sofa set and design.

if there is a slight modification you are looking into the select furniture.

Most of the offline furniture stores typically above to facilitate the delivery to home and customization in the carpet used, paint or color scheme.

If you are looking for a customized wooden sofa set designs for your home it may take 20-25 days to deliver and you have to clear everything before paying anything to the company or shopkeeper.

After discussing these points with the Company providing the sofa set you have to

Pre Order Analysis

After selecting the company of Wooden Sofa Set Designs provider your next step is to do pre-order analysis about your sofa set. Pre Order analysis of sofa set means the price of the Wooden sofa set. Do you have any discount on the festival season?

Which tax applicable on the sofa set and how much the GST application on Sofa Set?. Will packaging and handling extra in actual cost. What about delivering charges per item based or lump-sum based for sofa set. Is there any insurance policy on a sofa set and other furniture items?

Will you have a much lower price than the exact same item when it arrives in the festival season? Will you offer pre-orders for items that are in high demand and limited stocks. Pre-Ordering guarantees that you will receive that item on or shortly after the release date. No rush, no hassles.

What to Do?

Do Pre-order items have to be done in the showroom? Will your associates verify all the information with you face-to-face? How much % deposit will require for most in shop pre-orders? If we change our mind before pre-order product launches, will this deposit is fully refundable.

As soon as the Sofa set arrives in the warehouse will we ask you to come into their finalize your pre-order item? If anything is not satisfied, will our deposit be fully refunded?

What is the estimated time of Delivery if we make a pre-order? Can we cancel the Pre-order of the sofa set?. These are the major question you have to ask the company or shop owner before placing any order.

Is there any hold of our deposited if the Pre-order is canceled?

Or the deposited will fully refundable? What will be the payment method?

Will the payment will accept internet banking, Credit Card, Debit Part, Cast or any Payment Wallet?

Price Terms and Conditions of Purchase

When you are buying furniture items especially sofa set from your local market you must evaluate the terms and conditions of purchase before placing an order. It means what are the policies a shop keeper has at the time of order.

For example, A customer can buy a 30,000 INR couch and get 24 months “deferred interest.” or interest-free Pay the bill in full before 24 months, no problem. Pay the bill in month 25, and you might owe close to 10,000 as in interest.
What to do now?

You have to negotiate with the shopkeeper about and if there is any discount on half of the full payment in advance. Is there any difficulty about to pay via cheque or half of full payment via cash?  Is there any discount on digital payment on the sofa set?.

If you think you are the best customer for shopkeepers don’t do it and it will favor a shopkeeper. Bear in mind you need to be smart price-wise.

If you think you like and impressed with the good communication skills and etiquette of the sales girls you are wrong. Wooden Sofa Set Designs is a big furniture item and you are investing your hard-earned money so you must keep in mind this is their business and need a bit litter smart in purchasing.

The best Example of Purchasing

In the year 2014, I placed an order of a pair of jeans on Amazon. After paying the full amount of money I make a call to the customer care about the product ordered.  I asked about the size and color should be the same as in order. Customer care promised me about the product will deliver according to choose.

The order was delivered with 7 days and I opened the packet. As soon as I was focused on the color was different than I ordered. It was looking faded and not matches my expectation. The size I ordered 36 inches according to my fit. Although the size label was 36 inch when I measured the jean with an inch tap tap was 34 inches. I was really shocked.

The result is both of the Jeans were out of my expectation and worthless for me in the festival season when I was eagerly looking to wear this one.

What do the problem?

Step 1

Deewali time but the money was spent on unexpected products. I called the customer care again and she was politely replied to me to courier the jean to concern seller.  I spend an extra 300Buck on a courier to get a fresh pair of jeans from the seller and called to customer care many times and finally leave the concept to buy from Amazon.

Step 2.

You can easily understand that the items were reverted back to the seller but the seller denied it delivers and the courier was reverting back it to me. I am waiting till today to get revert it back and the courier was told that the item was not insured and so no claimed for such items.

This is a problem when you are placing an order online. Keep in mind the same situation can arise offline or in a local shop or store.

So before placing an order keep your mind open and ask as many questions as you have. Because after payment no shopkeeper will know who you are and what item you purchased.


Inspection and Testing of the Wooden sofa set designs

After placing an order of your Best Sofa Set and designs you have the right to check every part of the sofa Set and design. These are the major three testings you have to do.

Firstly check the legs, body and arms & back of your wooden sofa set design.

The seat on a sofa chair to make sure every leg is touching to the ground properly. If there is any gap between the leg and ground ask the matter to a salesman or the shop manager about it and four of the legs must be proper.


check whether there is there any skewer or Rivet not touch your body part. If there is any touching of such type make sure these fixed again by car painter?

Thirdly check all the cushions and carpet is in the proper format. You have a sufficient amount of flexibility and be reliable according to your designer. No springs are out from the body and these are all in proper shape in a wooden sofa set design.


the paint of the body part is not wet condition and you harm from any paint varnish or any other glues they have used.

Fifthly check the wood with the help of your nail. If it has any scratch after touching with nail ask about the wood they have used and delivery the same wooden sofa set design you are paying for.

Check all chairs in proper dimensions and sizes are proper. If there is any difference in the chairs you have to ask about it and make sure everything is the proper format.

Finally, all these factors will be making you a smart customer and value of money for your sofa set. you are advised to check every element before making any payment.

Are you Looking to Purchase of Wooden Sofa Set Designs?


For a middle-class family, a wooden sofa set designs is a large purchase. They save money for years to purchase a sofa set. If you are investing your hard-earned money you have to choose wisely. It means you’ll be investing in a piece of furniture that will last you and your family for many years use.

As you know what you are looking to buy and your clear mind is now ready to buy a sofa set you have to place an order and make payment to the shopkeeper.

Because might a wooden sofa set design is the largest piece of furniture in your home so you have to make you have proper space and determined the things you need to ensure you are paying the money so that you can use it properly.

sofa set designs with price

When You will get Delivery of Wooden Sofa Set Designs?

After Paying the invoice of your sofa set now to time comes to delivery of your wooden sofa set designs at your home. There are to conditions arising now.

If the sofa is ready to use

 Pre Order delivery
  1. If you have placed an order to ready to use sofa your delivery times start when you paid the invoice. Ask the sales manager or about when you can expect the delivery of your wooden sofa set design.  Generally ready to use the sofa set delivers in 24 hours. If there is some customization on the sofa set you have to wait for some time. In the meantime, the car painter will make necessary changes in cushions, etc. Also, it depends on the distance from your home to the warehouse of Furniture Company.
  2. While on the other hand if you have placed an order to a custom sofa set you need to wait according to the time given by the salesman or the shop keeper. It might be a month or 25 days when your sofa set will deliver.

After delivery of your sofa set, there are still several necessary steps you have to follow


Now the Wooden sofa set Design in your home and this is amazing. But listen you still need to follow several steps before starting to use it. Expediting is one of the themes. It means you again check everything you’re purchased and paid for. Check all the legs and arms, check carpet, cushions, paint, check any dent you are seeing anything is the delivery.

It means to keep every quality control and standards in your mind so that your delivery is what you ordered for. It is a real-time task you have to ask to make sure everything is okay in your hands. You have to keep your order safe.

Receipt and Inspection of Purchase

Keep your receipt and invoice securely. If they have provided any guarantee card keep it at a secure place and make sure everything point written in a proper format. All terms and conditions are written in the invoice or guarantee card in the guarantee card of your Wooden Sofa set Design.

Maintenance of the Wooden Sofa Set Designs.

Your sofa set is important to your family and you have to keep your sofa looking its best always.  In addition, it is important to select the right fabric colors which are not fad able.

if you are using high maintenance fabrics for your wooden sofa set designs. Such as silk, only in areas that are used infrequently and cover another area when it is not in use. Microfibers are great in heavy usage areas, which is fade-out after some time. Keep every place covered and make sure there is no tempering in the carpet.

To keep it and look attractive, varnish the wooden area of sofa set design. You have to make make it clear from dust regularly with a soft clean cloth or cotton. Textured fabrics show less wear and tear than smooth ones.

Conclusion of Wooden sofa set designs finding.

In conclusion, no doubt the Wooden Sofa set design are is an essential part of your family. Please keep in mind that the most important things you got from this article. At above all of you are buying your designer wooden sofa set at a reasonable price and in smart ways.

Bear in mind you are now a smart buyer of furniture items. As this article writes only for you. Your friends and relatives looking for these tips too.


As a result, you are requested to share the article with your friends, relatives and family member. This will help them to understand however the theory behind buying a furniture item. Special thanks will be given to the reader who gives the best suggestions to improve this post. This guide definitely will improve your furniture buying skills.

Write your comments below about the post above all what you found out from this post. After that, Your suggestion will add to this post definitely.

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Wooden Sofa Set Designs for small living room with price

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