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Home furniture is the important entity for living room, bedroom almost all over the space in the home. While purchasing furniture goods, the first thing that strike in mind is high quality in strength for long durability, for which people prefer to buy wooden furniture items so that it become worthwhile purchase for usage of many years. Keeping all necessary impacts in building process, Saharanpur Wooden Furniture comes in Local market for selling household furniture articles for indoor and outdoor purpose with wide variety range. Our company has been famous for the production of superfine wooden items that are completely made up with strong wooden logs by experienced efforts of well trained working staff in hand carved techniques.

Saharanpur Handicraft Furniture has been in production of Sheesham and Sagwan wooden furniture for many years and serves as top Home Furniture Manufacturer India. Huge variety in furniture products can decorate almost all space in your home for beautiful interior from kitchen room to all living areas.

Specialized features of Saharanpur Wooden Furniture because of what the furniture products have been in regular demand are:

  • Versatile Designing Art & Pattern
  • Pure Quality of Wooden Employed
  • Tensile strength Ability
  • Prolonged Time Durability
  • Seasonal Stability
  • Furnishing Top Surface
  • Comfortable Usage
  • Fixed Sealing Process
  • Water-proof Paint Colors Used
  • Termite Resistivity
  • Hand Carved Manufacturing
  • Heat Stability

Collective Masterpieces that can enhance the visual impact of your home decoration are:

  • Kitchen Utensils : Handmade Wooden Serving Cart, fruit Basket, Tea Coaster set with 6 Plates, Designer Chair Coaster Set, Soup Spoons, Chapatti Cooking Spatula Spoon, Common Cooking Spoon, Spider Spoon, Frying Spoon, Vegetable Cooking Spoon and Tea Spoon Set.
  • Bathroom Articles: Wooden Rod Stand for Towel and Hanging Small Set of Boxes.
  • 12
  • Decorative Goods: Magazine Rack made up from Wooden & Iron, Wooden Pen Stand, Agarbatti Stand for Car, Wooden made Magazine Holder and Corner Rack in 4 Shelves.
  • Table Items: Dining Table with 6 chair pairs, Sheesham Wooden Dining table with Cushioned Chairs, Small Fold able Wooden Table and Hand Carved Small table.
  • Acupressure Massager : Various types of Massager Sets Available in different sizes for Pain Relief and blood circulation in Legs, Palm, Hands, Back Body, Shoulders, fingers, Foot and Massager Wooden Slippers.
  • Fashion Articles: Wooden Single Bangle Stand, Bangle stand with 8 rods, Blue Colored Bold wooden Bangle Set.

Being Home Furniture Manufacturer India for dealing with purchase of Wooden Items Saharanpur furniture has been analyzed with large number of customer’s satisfaction.  Every furniture product has been mentioned with necessary information like size, color and type of use. All wooden articles can come in your pocket budget with facility of online shopping and fast delivery of products at your doorstep. Payment process can be made either cash on delivery or through Credit Card. Clients can give their feedback about products and their qualities so that our efforts will always be there to satisfy you in every impact.


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Home Furniture Manufacturer India

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