A carved wooden furniture is like an ornament for your home and you always look to see it clean and without dust. It is always requiring a little extra attention to see your carved wooden furniture clean and clean without dust because dust tends to accumulate the curves and holes of the carved wooden furniture and it looks like a garbage and you never want to look it like. A Wooden furniture specially carved wooden furniture always give happiness until  it is healthy and clean and so you take special attention over carved wooden furniture. After some time when the dust overcome and the old dust not removed it will become like a cake of dust and this will harm every of the part of the carved wooden furniture and therefore its need your attention that dust and grime cannot become caked on, making it even harder to remove. To clean carved wooden furniture you always avoiding waxy cleaners and using a soft brush on carved areas helps keep those carvings looking their best.

If the furniture is arranged in outer area  is need a weekly cleaning and you must clean every part of such furniture regularly or a daily basis with soft and clean brushes, toothpicks, dusters, soft clothes or soft cotton.

To remove the Scratch

When you see any scratch on carved wooden furniture you take special attention over it and rub the scratch with a crayon lightly and or walnut meat and paint the scratch with similar color that area than the wood’s color, followed by another crayon slightly darker than the first. Use a soft cloth or cotton swab rubs away the excess crayon wax used in the process. If the area is a bit hard to apply pressure to with a crayon, use a permanent marker matching the wood’s color. Some markers have fine tips that allow reaching into tight spaces.

Cleaning the Carved wooden furniture.
If you are looking how to clean carved wooden furniture items of your home, garden or office you have to take care of your carved wooden furniture so that other can enjoy your family and guests. Because of after some time the carved wooden furniture collect a lot of dust dues it is being out in the open space. So it should need carved wooden furniture regularly cleaning otherwise the dust will become as a cake into the piece. If this dust will not remove regularly from the carved wooden furniture the furniture will become rough and will lost its attractiveness. To clean wooden carved furniture you should have a soft cloth to wipe the dust away from the carved wooden furniture.
These are following cleaning tools to for carved wooden furniture.

Feather Duster

To clean carved wooden furniture you should use a feather duster over the furniture wood gently and no harm the furniture items to and ensure the duster also clean itself so that It cannot harm the furniture. You should make a routine to clean the carved wooden furniture and every part of the furniture. Carved wooden statues, wooden doors, wooden head board and a carved wooden cabinet are needed to clean regularly.
For small items or very overdue caving furniture items can be clean by a soft-bristled brush can be use to clean carved wooden furniture items.

You also can use makeup brush to clean your carved wooden furniture items of your home. A quality artist brush can also be used to clean your furniture items. These types of natural bristle fibers provide a good flexibility and softness which is not harm the furniture carving. To main objective is to clean the full dust from the carved wooden furniture and soft tools can easily clean the inner dust of carved wooden furniture items.
Cotton Swabs
Another good way to clean the dust from carved wooden furniture is a cotton swab which can clean the deep dust from the grooves of furniture specially the holes of carving area. It may be require a regular supply of swab which fit into the carved area. Just push the swab in the carving of the furniture and move it down and up according to the style of the carving to clean entire piece of carving. Change the swab every time other reusing the swab many spread the dirt around the carving and this can ineffective.
Use of Toothpick for tiny spaces
If the carving is too narrow and cotton swap is not easily enter into the furniture carving you can use toothpick for that narrow carving. A tooth pick is a good tool for narrow carved wooden furniture items.
To clean the narrow carving just wrap the end of the toothpick with a soft and thin cloth or cotton fabric and paddle end of the pick softly and fit the toothpick into the carving. Every carving holes can be easily clean with toothpick and remove the dust from these home holes make in these carving. During cleaning change the soft cloth after use it as a fresh cloth piece can become dirty.
Wood use to make carved wooden furniture

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Clean carved wooden furniture yourself

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