In this article I am going to explain you top 15 tips to buy wooden bed frames before you are collecting your perfect Piece.

Because buy wooden bed frames is always a difficult task. Especially when buyers are not aware about the quality, stuff, color and material of the furniture item. It must be testing before buying the finished furniture item accordingly. Firstly the wood be in natural color will have a long lasting durability of the wooden bed frames. Secondly this can be see when the items is unfinished and painting on furniture item is not started.

Thirdly  a wooden furniture item totally depend on good quality of wood used to manufacture the furniture and crafts. Everyone from us must be be aware about the quality check of the wood used before buy any wooden bed frames. This will reflect your skills of furniture buying and you will get perfect wooden bed frames for your home.

in the above picture the box in at its natural state before coloring this item you can easily check the stuff is made in Deodar cedar wood. 

As wooden bed frames are not only an essential part of every home and need multiple beds even in a single family for every member.  In this contrast it is essential to keeps in mind when you are buying any furniture item or wooden bed frames. There everyone looking discount when they are buying specially the costlier products for their use.

Reasons why It is required?

Firstly if you are looking a heavy discount you are losing the quality in buying wooden bed frames and after all a good quality product worth a little more than a standard quality furniture item.  Secondly If you are looking 50% or 70% off on furniture are either compromising the quality and stuff of the furniture item. This might be result you are looking to buy wooden bed frames might be looser quality.

Thirdly you are likely to go for lucrative brands like IKEA, Wayfair, Lulu & Georgia, Walmart, Amazon,  World Market, Etsy, Target, durian, urban ladder ‘cheap and new’ buy wooden bed frames in the market. But It might be you have been disappointing because of their lack of durability. Finally I will suggest you that you can try a used High Quality buy wooden bed frames.

How to check the finished wooden bed frame with hands.

Stuff of the Wood

If you know what you are looking to buy in the sense of wood, stuff, color, coating scratch and other approach. You must be go to market and get it according to your requirements. If you are looking a guideline before buying buy wooden bed frames from me live. You began to look around, though you realized that you knew very much about what makes for a strong, long-lasting piece of furniture.

Scratch to check the wood?

You can identify a rip, scratch, or stain, color or decide whether they like a certain stuff, without special knowledge.  It not only harder but difficult to checkout its stuff is two year of twenty years. You cannot judged when you buy wooden bed frames made of in spite of you will see when it will loss the color.    

But your judging approach should be clear about to check whether a piece is likely to last two years or twenty — just by looking at it. You must have time to research these are the following tips buy wooden bed frames.

Wooden bed frames — composition

When you are investing in the furniture you are investing the quality because you need this article daily for your family .It might be good for you are used to think hardwoods were hard and softwoods were soft.

Actually, hardwood is solid wood from a tree of the years of age and have ‘from a deciduous tree’ and softwood furniture items. It means ‘from a coniferous tree’, and some hardwoods (like aspen) are softer than some softwoods.

When you are looking to exposed surfaces of a wooden structure it may shows off a wood that’s reasonably scratch-resistant. If you are looking to buy wooden bed frames you can test this easily enough by attempting to draw a thin line with your fingernail across the wood used in the stuff and body of the bed; if in result it makes a dent you know it won’t stand up to much use. While on the other hand a solid wood furniture item is always scratch free after any scratch or when you try to make any dent on furniture.

If there is a other type of wood used make wooden bed like a SDF or MDF plywood ask the shopkeeper about the plywood structure and its types of layer. If plywood, look for at least nine layers. Check the wood for knots, even on unexposed pieces in the furniture item; all corners are easily crack-able.

Moreover solid framing woods, like pine, are tough than others, and therefore less desirable. To buy wooden bed frames Avoid particleboard, pressed wood, or fiberboard for your furniture item.


Likewise when you are wooden bed frames thin piece of premium wood covering a lower-quality piece of softwood — are often used even in very high quality wooden bed frames. As long as the base piece is solid wood or plywood, the only drawback to lamination is that it limits the number of times an item can be refurnished in your style.

Wooden bed frames — construction

Wooden bed frames Joints construction is the main determinant of its quality. If the joints and frames are held together with staples or nails is shoddy construction.

Ditto if it’s glued and you can see the glue. The best joints of the wooden bed frames are either brake free interlocking squarish ‘teeth’ or mortise-and-tenon (narrowed end of one piece inserted into a hole in the other). Corners of the wooden bed frame should have a reinforcing block attached at an angle.


Look for thin sheets of wooden piece between drawers in a chest of from side of the furniture item. It is necessary; because these extra items improve structural strength. This as well as provide extra space to adjust the extra small necessary gadgets. The Drawers of the Bed should run smoothly on glides and have stops to prevent accidentally pulling them all the way out. The best drawers of the bed have bottoms which are not affixed to the sides but ‘float’ in a groove, allowing for minor expansion and contraction caused by changes in humidity and providing extra strength.

carved wooden bed frames

Try to lift one corner of the bed

In the mean time you are going to wooden bed frames it should not twist or squeak in any side. As soon as you find it twists ask the shopkeeper about the problem you are seeing in the furniture item. Check that all legs are touching the floor. Press on various corners to see if the piece rocks or wobbles.

Upholstered furniture — composition

For bed with removable cushions, mattress, remove the mattress and seat cover and have a look inside of the box. If the wooden bed frames are made with the box. You should see a block of foam wrapped with Dacron, cotton.  (For very high-end cushions) Down in the bed, preferably with a protective inner cover should be use in the bed instead.

In bed if the cushions are made of Foam-only, both less durable and less comfortable. If you’re buying new wooden bed frames, inquire after the density rating of the mattresses and foam used in the mattress: you’re looking for weight of 0.9 KG or higher.

If all these are removable back cushions may have foam as well but are more often loose fill in wooden bed frames you should check these twice. In the latter case, multiple internal compartments are preferred as they prevent the fill from settling.

Upholstered wooden bed furniture — construction

According to latest Consumer Reports based of several surveys done by an independent Organization in 2017. The oft-touted “eight-way hand-tied coil springs” don’t have a corner on comfort in your piece and you check it in all corners; if you find any coil, cone, sinuous, and grid springs can all work well and reflect in your piece.

 Best just to test the feel of the specific piece by sitting in various spots to see whether you tip or sink. If the cushions are removable, lift and press down on the deck underneath. You should always feel even spacing and resistance to pressure.

Squeeze the arms and back: when you are with shopkeeper to test the feel of the wooden bed ideally you should not be able to feel the frame through the padding but you have to try like the stuff, color and scheme of the furniture item with your shopkeeper. Lined skirts and ones with weights will hold their shape better over the long run.

Quick Furniture Checklist

That’s a lot of information. If you’re like me, you might find it difficult to remember all of these factors while you’re actually shopping at the furniture store.  If you are going to purchase wooden bed these are the things you must know about to check before any buying.

  1. Wood used in the stuff

   Because solid wood, carved wooden furniture, handicraft furniture made of red wood including Sheesham, Neem, Sagwan, Teak etc… because the raw material of these wood available on high cost and their cost of manufacturing are higher than light and wood similarly the prices are high than other wood including MDF, SDF and plywood. 

   If you are trying to checkout the wooden stuff of such furniture items. Firstly you must have to ask  about the wood they have used in base of the carved wooden bed.  Secondly if it is made of Sheesham, teak, Sagwan, birch you are buying quality. You also ask what is materials they have used in inner box either the plywood or the rough wood if they have done in front of you. Finally these are the good and bad about your value of money.

    Good: solid wood or 9+ layer plywood most importantly
    Bad: However thin plywood, particleboard, press-board, and fiberboard
    really not good: knots, cracks
    bad: soft, easily scratched surfaces with a nail.
2   Joints in the bed:

Ask about the joints filled with

    great: dovetail, mortise & tendon

    good: reinforcing corner blocks

    reasonable: dowels, screws

    bad: staples, nails, visible glue

  • Drawers in the wooden bed. If someone drawers used in the stuff of the bed you have to check the working of the drawers before any buying.  It is great if : dust panels, floating bottoms.

    The wooden bed good if they have: metal glide rails, stops; if they have used wood-on-wood sliding

Wooden bed Frames:

    if you are testing bed frames before you find it good. The level of all four legs with the floor must be similar and legs must be same size: even, level with floor and bad: twists, creaks, wobbles.

  • Cushions and mattress when you are checking the mattress of the wooden bed these are points of the checklist it is

    Best: Mattresses are good and have soft stuff.

    Good: there should be protective inner cover in the mattress.

    Reasonable: heavy cushion in the bed and should be natural face of the bed

    Bad: bare foam used to the mattress

    Bad: loose fill without internal sectioning of the bed

   5. Upholstery

    Good: aligned patterns must be very clear and easy to check

    Good: you are catching the skirts with lining or weights in the stuff.

    Bad: skimpy padding along arms and back

Make me sure if you are looking to buy wooden bed frames for your family with this information, I feel much more confident about approaching future furniture buying.  Not only new wooden bed frames but also used furniture items can be buy in summers. This will make me sure you will find it perfect.  I hope you find it helpful too. Happy hunting!

If you have any furniture question e.g.

What is the best month to buy wooden furniture?

If you are looking to buy wooden furniture like wooden bed frames, wooden sofa set, carved wooden Wooden Jhoola, handicraft furniture like chair, clock frames, corner stands, drawer, Carving wooden table.

More likely Coffee Tables, Carving Chairs, Carving wooden frames for Mirror, Dining tables. Result your home, office,  Garden, Kitchen, Bed Room or dining halls will get perfect furniture item timely.  You must have to try all these items in dry season. Because in Summer season the used materials is properly dried and wood items and in proper shape and colors. 

The Best Season in India to purchase wooden furniture and Wooden bed frames is start since February to 15th of June time frame.  In the mean time frame every wooden items is dried and perfect shape because of there is no moisture in environment.

What is the best time to buy wooden bed and wooden furniture?

If you are looking to buy wooden furniture online meantime check all the stuff again of your bed twicely. You have to try to check the furniture in Sunshine mean in Sun light and day time so that you can clear every issue with the furniture.  In sunshine you can find out the original Natural color of wood.  Another time you have to collect your furniture Items Dried time like summer time emphasis you great real idea. The result of that wooden furniture must be in perfect and dried shape, original design of the furniture items.  after all  you can find the colors, all the corner, carves and foot are proper shapes.

Can you negotiate wooden furniture prices?

Yes the item made of pure red wood versus white wood may be negotiable. In market people always try to bargain with the shopkeepers to find products at the best prices. Most of the time shopkeeper are  try to get more from the customers but you can try it at your best price.

What is the best month to buy outdoor wooden furniture?

As above all outdoor furniture items are the made of extra rigid wood make like teak, birch or might be purchase after the rainy season. Because in rain some furniture items may be damaged or colored removed from the Garden furniture.

Why is wooden furniture relatively so expensive?

If you are looking the quality for a long lasting period of time. This is absolutely not so expensive even the cheap than other furniture items. Above all wooden furniture items always depend on the wood material. The labor cost, the Painting, varnish and stuff of carpet used in the manufacturing. After all the major costs including purchase a wooden furniture item.

   If you are looking to buy a carved wooden furniture item its cost depend on the labor of the carvers. The tools used in the manufacturing of the furniture items also important. All the carved wooden furniture items relatively have real stuff of the wood. The carving is not done in artificial wood like plywood etc.


What wooden furniture is the most durable?

In conclusion you are looking to buy quality furniture items. Because you want it for long lasting durability for your home, house, bedroom, dining room, living room and office . You are always suggested a little costlier carved and solid wood furniture items have a great durability. Because these are made of solid real wood and have a long lasting durability. You can use these furniture items for periods as a result you will find more happy yourself for long time .

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obviously in conclusion how you find this article to share your friends do not hesitate to share. Finally If you have any ask your query about our products via comment Box. Your suggestions are always most welcome and important for us in further improvement.

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These are top 15 tips to buy wooden bed frames

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