These are the Best wood for furniture in India

India is a vast country and have different types of culture in different parts of States where they find the work occasionally and Best wood for furniture in India.

Are you looking to answer your query which is the best wood for furniture in India use to design and manufacture the furniture specially the carved wooden furniture items which have a long lasting durability. Because of carved wooden furniture used from 12000 years ago in our home and there are a number of temples and other monuments were constructed with the wood in ancient days so wood is a good material since then for our home, garden, office we are using wood for furniture manufacturing in India. I western countries there are a number of furniture items which design in birch wood while in Asian countries there is different types of wood to design the furniture items specially the carved wooden furniture.

best wood for furniture in india
best wood for furniture in India

As people always looking affordable wood for furniture manufacturing and carved wooden furniture always design in these types of wood but still there are a number of wood like sandal wood which is very expensive and rarely used to design carved wooden furniture items

Another expensive wood to design carved wooden furniture items is mahogany. As one of the most treasured woods, mahogany is a main-stay in carved wooden furniture. This expensive wood has a reddish-brown to deep red coloring. Please looks always red wood for their carved wooden furniture items and so it is expensive as well as red so people trust all their furniture items in mahogany.


Maple Wood: Maple is another good wood furniture manufacturing wood but it is dense, attractive hardwood that’s often used in furniture and is the most common wood used in butcher blocks. Maple is designs are very attractive and people love the furniture design used maple. Maple is one of the best wood for furniture in India and mostly furniture items are nice in maple.

Teak Wood: Teak wood mainly used in central and western India and one of the best wood for furniture in India. Its scientific name is Tectonics grandis. This is best wood for furniture in India because of its color. This wood have a Deep yellow to dark brown color and have Density :639 kg/m³ which is very intensive and very suitable to design carved wooden furniture items in India.

Sissoo Wood. People in North India know it as sheesham wood and love the furniture made of sissoo wood or sheesham wood.

its scientific name is Dalbergia sissoo. According to Wikipedia It is the wood from which ‘mridanga’, the Rajasthani percussion instrument, are often made from sheesham wood. As a wood, teak has a smooth grain and texture. It has a yellowish brown hue, which may mature overtime to a silvery-grey finish. In fact, teak is famous for its high oil content, high tensile strength and tight grain. Sheesham is essentially a type of rosewood. It is sourced from the Dalbergia sissoo species of trees which is found in all over India. Our Indian rosewood is a beautiful golden brown with darker and lighter contrasting grain lines. Indian rosewood is used for furniture, high end turning and it tonal qualities make it very important to design carved wooden furniture items all over India.

Benefits of Sheesham Hardwood. Sheesham hardwood Sheesham, or scientifically known as Dalbergia Sissoo, the mostly famous for being used in making furniture. It is the most useful timber source in India. Found throughout the sub-Himalayan region, from the Indus to Assam. Sheesham, Shishan and have many other names in India.

Except these are many other wood which are best to design carved wooden furniture items all over India some are  Satinwood, Sal Wood, Pine Wood, Mulberry Wood. Bamboo Wood, Sedar Wood, Mango Wood, Sagwan wood etc..

These are a number of best wood for furniture in India and people generally take the advantage of these wood in their home, office, kitchen, garden and where they are looking furniture items.

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Best wood for furniture in India

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