Is Wooden Carving same as sculpture and tips to get a Carved Wooden Furniture?

Wooden Carving and Stone Carving

Carving on Wood mostly use for Home, furniture items Office, garden furniture, kitchen appliances, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture items know as carved wooden furniture.  These furniture which have ultimate hand made carving on part or full of furniture are know as Carved Wooden Furniture items.

Because of Carved wooden furniture as made carving on the wood of different types got from different parts of the World so it is different type and style according to the regions of where the carving done.

On wood it is more easy to carve  than Carving on a Stone because of the softness and dig easily on wood and these furniture items are like to find out easily as it have flexible nation and light weight than stone.

Wood carving is famous worldwide to decorate the different parts of a house and as need of most of the home as a home furniture items, office furniture, sitting purpose so wooden carving furniture is a spreading business across the World instead of Stone Carving since a 13th Century B.C.  A stone carving is harder and need a lot of man power and more time consuming than wooden carving as less time consuming and need light manpower.


carved wooden furniture
A Stone carver has a Iron tools which they need to break small pieces of stone or you can say then particles of from a large and heavy piece of stone.

Most of time a sculpture made from a single piece of Stone while on the other hand a wooden items or a carved wooden furniture item made with some parts of carved wooden pieces and assembled together to make a complete furniture structure.

A wooden carving structure can be more specific than a Stone carving. We can use Wood for different types of furniture items while on the hand a stone carving can be very specific for a single sculpture.

A carving on wood can be for Bedroom furniture item, Sofa set furniture item, dining table  or kitchen appliances from the market but stone carving can be use for outdoor facilities and monuments for specially parks and historical palaces all over the World.

Wooden Carving

If you visit some special parts of the World  where wooden carving done like Saharanpur Furniture market in UP you will find there a lot of people working together in a small shop or outdoor under the tree and they are specialized in every part of process of a wooden furniture structure.

Means selection of wood to carve and to design and development of finished furniture product is done under one roof.

Try  Carved wooden furniture Once

Most of the people in this world have an immature thinking about wooden carved furniture items and they look its stuff as boring. Actually a carving is the right structure how an item should be look like. Because every carved wooden furniture item made from the red wood and durable for decades so these wooden piece are very ultimate to everyone from the World not only for their home but also the natural resource of the furniture items according to style and time.

carved wooden furniture

For example if you see a slim lady of gentle man which will attract you and eye catchy than fat or over slim person. A Fat person may be attractive but not as a slims and carved person. A carving is actually an attractive culture and you want to see it more and more according to time.

Wooden Carving or Stone Carving

Although the Stone carving have long history than Wood carving and stone carving still alive in different civilization including Harappa and Mohenjo Daro, or “Mound of the Dead” is an ancient Indus Valley Civilization city that flourished between 2600 and 1900 BC, in India but also found in Ajanta (The Ajanta Caves are 30 (approximately) rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurangabad district in Maharastra India) .

Another is Alora (The Ajanta Caves are 30 (approximately) rock-cut Buddhist cave monuments which date from the 2nd century BCE to about 480 CE in Aurangabad distric Maharastra India ) caves in India.

It is totally depended on your choice ad mind set what you are looking to design and style according to new and latest furniture items or stone furniture item. What is your basic requirements and need in the carved wooden furniture range you must be agree on the product and type of material yo are looking for your home, office or garden.

If you are looking to buy a kids item like kid furniture like bed, kind chair, table, gifts, toys that can the kind bedroom beautiful and more attractive you have to choose colorful and designed furniture items for kids bedroom.

Indoor furniture item, Kid Bed, Kid revolving chair, kids swing, gift, game, BAT, or any other type of kids related item you must be try for wooden articles but on the other hand if you are looking outdoor furniture item like a stone bench, stone sculpture for your garden you must be try stone carving.

Final Decision is your

Wooden carving furniture items vs Stone Carving items you can enjoy both for your home, office, garden, terrace, dining room, and kitchen. As wooden carved furniture items are light weight and easily durable and flexible and replaceable for you are your family members. There you can move Carved wooden furniture items easily and can clean carved wooden furniture items with soft cottons, rubs, cleaners and even with soap when you feel it dirty.

You can find thousand of wooden carving furniture items for your bedroom, dining room, kitchen room, living room and garden, lawn and offices while stone carving items are limited because these are really heavy weight and mostly have fixed space.

10 Tips to get a carved wooden furniture items for your personal use

Are you looking your first carved wooden furniture items for your home, office, kitchen, garden, outdoor or any other purpose you must follow the following 10 tips.

  1. Make sure your carved wooden furniture item is made of pure wood and not having any insect damaged!. If you are looking to touch the high quality carved wooden furniture items you have to check the raw material used in design the base of the furniture items and you have to get it according to latest style and deep density of the carved wooden furniture item. A furniture must be insect free and made of red wood so that it can usable for long period.
  2. Some time manufacturers use low quality and young wood in the the manufacturing of carved wooden furniture items result a low quality furniture easily eat by insects and very short period of time they become dust.  A Wood Warm know as mite easily cut a low quality wood in a very short period of time and the furniture items become just dusted with the latrine of the mite.
  3. Meanwhile on the other hand if the carved wooden furniture item is made of pure red wood which are having high quality of the oil in the wood this is mite free and insect will not able to cut such wood and it will alive for decades and centuries for your family and friends.  Before buying any furniture items ask about the wood they have used to manufacturing process of your expected furniture items and you have to test it fully according to latest furniture styles.
  4. When you are buying carved wooden furniture you must be clearly know your area of covering your furniture items like size of bedroom, number of users, dining table color, structure, design etc .Before purchasing any furniture items measure the area of your bedroom, kitchen, dining or living room so that the furniture items you buy cover the reasonable area of the room or garden. If the furniture item is big or too small it will show off or on with the size and style of bed room, kitchen room, dining room etc. There are number of reason when you have to ask your furniture supplier about your home and room area so that you can get actual furniture item and save your time.
  5. When you are trying to buy an item for yourself you must be clear your financial score and your budget for the item you are supposing to buy from the furniture store. Don’t buy the carved wooden furniture item or stone carved items if it don’t suite to your pocket and you need to collect loan from the finance companies or banks.
  6. Because furniture is not a salable thing and you are not able to get any revenue from your furniture items better is you have to purchase it how much you have in your pocket to purchase. If your pockets in not allowing you have to change your mind  for some time and collect more bucks. You must save your money and try the items best fit for your purpose and budget both.
  7. Make sure your carved wooden furniture items are in matching color format of your home and have latest design and colors. As according to to your room size and its color scheme you have to buy the furniture items in the same range of the furniture items and latest style.
  8. Add a real value of money in your accessory and try your desire only or as an extra. Because of furniture buying is a liability and not asset you have to get the best furniture item that real value of money for your use. You are not able to resale your furniture items in the same prices you buy it so the value of money is you are  loosing every day from your furniture items better is you have to get it check your pocket.
  9. Make sure your wooden furniture item having good structure and not outdated format. The latest design and best furniture quality are the essential of any carved wooden furniture item. Thus is absolutely necessary you have to attend some seminar of buying tips before starting costlier products. likely furniture items because of most of the furniture items dumped when they are not in use and loss the finishing so you have to check it twice whether you are actually need it or you have just buying it because you have money to buy such things. If you are just buying because you have money think again.
  10. If your carved wooden furniture could affect someone’s health or livelihood, make sure you have an expert advice before buying any product from any store owner. A furniture items is not a saleable thing and it is your fixed liability. Try it according to your size and health of the member of your family so that it worth for periods of time.

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10 Tips to get a carved wooden furniture

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