How to Paint Carving Wooden Furniture

Carving Wooden Furniture is very sensitive and need a lot of care when you are looking it for long lasting durability.  When you are using Carving Wooden Furniture you must have to take care for these items with some paint, varnish, Primer etc. Wooden furniture is very sensitive for water and moister and this can rub and scratch in the dusted environment. Carving Wooden Furniture like sofa set, dining table, chairs, bed need a lot timely matured care.  Although painted is the last step of furniture manufacturing but this is very important step and this is also important how the furniture painted.


If you are  you are looking to paint your Carving Wooden Furniture yourself you must take care for all the necessary steps and necessary details about how to properly paint such furniture items.  As carved wooden furniture is sensible for the environment so it must be painted on a regular bases. Wooden carving must be clean and dust free to look shine. Furniture items must care so that it stays for years.

Gone are days when professionals need to take care Carving Wooden Furniture you must have to learn it yourself so that you don’t need to invest extra to take care of your carved wooden furniture items.

You can learn it by simple steps and in weekends and when you have time. For painting Carving Wooden Furniture you just need a few tools and colors to paint it.

These are the following tools and items need to paint your carved wooden furniture items


  1. Primer is the basic item to start to paint your carved wooden furniture.
  2. Original Paint
  3. Medium and fine grit sandpaper or main
  4. Sanding block
  5. Paint brush
  6. Paint roller
  7. Cloth


These are following steps to paint your Carving Wooden Furniture.

1 Clean Carving Wooden Furniture by sand paper. If you are looking to start to paint your carved wooden furniture items you have to clear it by sand paper. Rub the furniture carving smoothly and lightly with sand paper to every corner and side of the furniture items clear and dust free. Rugged it lightly as much as possible.  After clear every particle of dust now go to next step.

  1. When your furniture items is clean, clear, dried and dust free you have to cote your Carving Wooden Furniture with a primer every cover and uncovered area of furniture item. Primer helps to protect the surface of your furniture items and help to paint furniture smoothly. Primer may be two types oil-based, or latex based so you must have to use the primer and paint same types either oil based or latex based. If you are using oil-based primer with latex paint, you must use an oil-based primer with oil-based paints. This is the main fanda behind it.

The main advantage of using oil-based primer that it is strong adhesion and stain blocking, but the main disadvantage is their strong smell. When using oil-based primers and paints make sure you have good room ventilation, or ever better, work outside because you really don’t want to be exposed to such strong odor. When the primer dried you have to rug it with clean and dry cloth so that extra primer clears.

2 Rug gain with sand paper. After the primer dried you have to sand the surface again the sand paper and clear extra primer layers form the surface so that you can easily paint it with clear coating. Your must to use primer twice and clear the surface so that every step.

3 Paint the surface.  When every area and part of your carved wooden furniture item clear and clean you have to start to coat it with paint. Most of the professionals usually use oil based paint but you can use latex based paint too. This is most important that before start to paint or primer you have to wear mask and gloves before starting to work. You select to area where there is a good ventilation and air move smoothly.

There are a few different ways of painting. You can use a spray paint, a paint sprayer, a brush or a roller.

If you are trying to multi color your carved wooden furniture items you can put tape on the parts where you want to separate different colors to apply.

Coating paint of your carved wooden furniture items is same as applying primer on surface of your furniture. You need to store paint into the paint tray until the bottom part of the tray is full. Wet the roller in the paint and apply it to the wood in the different directions and move it lightly. Also, you need to work in small areas, and take your time because you want to apply the paint evenly in order to get a wonderful, smooth surface.

Additionally, when the first coat of the paint you applied on furniture items dried you can apply second coat of paint, but it all depends on how good the first coat looks.

Step 5: Seal.

This step is optional if you are looking to eliminate it you can.

After the painting the carved wooden furniture item and when it is dried for at least 24 hours, you can seal it. But, if you have more time, and you don’t plan to use the piece of furniture, than you should leave it for around a month to completely dried the carved wooden furniture item, and don’t touch it! You don’t want to damage the surface before it is completely dried. For this purpose you can use Polyclinic, Paste wax, Clear topcoat spray etc.

For carved wooden furniture items paint is a wonderful way to emphasize the beauty of wooden furniture.

If you are looking to paint your furniture items yourself I am sure this post will be a mile stone and different for your own furniture painting idea Suggestion to improve this post really welcome.

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